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Thank you for dropping by.  Well here we go, the first time I've ever blogged :o)  Really looking forward to sharing some of my crafting projects with you and hope you enjoy them too.  I'll not only be posting my paper craft projects but my knitting, cross stitch, crochet too :o)

I first starting crafting many years ago at home with my Mother, who taught me to knit, didn't do anything too adventurous, a few scarves, one glove of a pair - never did finish the other glove :o)  I then took up crochet when I saw a school teacher doing it during her lunch break at school, I taught my Mum how to do that :o)  I made lots of lovely things even cloths for myself, as you may know a crochet garment can be 'well ventilated' but being young in the late sixties and early seventies I got away with it :o)  My company where having a posh Christmas do one year so I decided to make  a crochet trouser suit with a midi coat.  I even took the thing to work each day so I could get it done in time.  I made it in white with silver running through the cotton and had purple shoes and matched the buttons and ribbons in purple to finish it off.  On the night, at first, I thought it was lovely but as the night wore on I realised it wasn't such a good idea after all.  Whilst making any cotton or wool garments they should be hung now and again to allow it to drop naturally, but I hadn't and to my embarrassment, the trousers grew through out the evening to the point I was tripping over them and on the dance floor I fell over right in front of my boss, who gave me a very cross face, I tried to explain that I wasn't drunk, but I don't think he believed me :o)  needless to say I unpicked the whole thing and made my Mum a cardigan with it she was very pleased :o)  After that I just stuck to making crochet baby clothes and blankets but done more knitting.

I've continued to knit all my life making so many clothes for my children and now grandchildren.  About 30 odd years ago I took up cross stitch, which I still do and love, making various project but most popular are the names I do.   I sew the name on the material and then sew a character either end, for girls it's usually Winnie the Pooh, Tinker Bell and cutsie stuff and for the boys it's normally The Lion King or Warner Bros Cartoon characters.  My granddaughter had Pooh Bear and Eeyore and my grandson has Disney Pixar cars, although that one is still in progress.

Then about nine years ago I discovered card making and haven't looked back, I absolutely love it and as the years have gone on and with thanks to more and more beautiful crafty things to buy and with all the inspiration out there I think I'm improving all the time.   I've known Lisa Baker for a few years back in the Invicta days and now love helping out on workshop days.  Then recently Lisa asked if I would be a member of her Design Team, so I thought why not :o)  I was a bit worried that I wouldn't have much to say, but it's amazing how things just flow once you get started :o)

Well that's it about me I hope you enjoy the posts and feel free to leave any comments.
Jan x

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